PART IV - An Evening with Master and His sissy francine
The Bonding of sissy francine to Master Samuel


For the next six months after the operation the lives of my Masters and myself followed the same pattern as it did before the cursed frenum loop was installed on my sissy clit. I worked hard to complete all of the tasks assigned to me and, as usual, they enjoyed the fruits of my labor. Although the incisions around my newly installed rings were fully healed, I still felt great discomfort. Whenever a leash was attached to any of them for the purpose of leading me someplace or securing me to a stationary object, the area surrounding the rings would burn and ache. This was particularly true if the leash became taut by my resisting it either intentionally or by accident. Being led or tethered by my nose and clitty ring was always the most painful.

Even when the frenum device was not leashed, it would cause me a great deal of pain and embarrassment. As the Doctor predicted would happen, my sissy clitty constantly leaked its sissy juice without me feeling the slightest sexual ecstasy. For all its dribbling, the feeling was no different than that felt when your nose is constantly running. However, it was always a point of extreme embarrassment to me when one of my Masters would order me to show their guests the rubber panties or sanitary napkin I was wearing at the time. As if that wasn’t humiliating enough, I then had to explain why it was necessary for me to wear them as a protection for my dainty panties.

No matter how I tried to prevent myself from getting excited whenever I would service my Master or Mistress, I never was fully successful. Hence, my clitty would try to erect but would only retreat in pain due to the iron grip of the tight metal sleeve surrounding its shaft. Deprived of even the juvenile thrills of masturbation relief, only made it more difficult to perform the debasing acts demanded by my Masters. Many a time, I was strongly tempted to ask them to castrate me in order to permanently relieve myself of the pain and degradation that I felt. I doubt that they would have allowed me to have such a drastic operation because they enjoyed seeing me suffer in pain and frustration. They even took sadistic delight in hanging weights from a collar locked around my “tessie bag” when I would be suffering from the pain of “blue balls”. When they wanted to be particularly cruel they would attach the weights to a short chain and then make me jump and skip around the room laughing at the way the weights would bounce up and then down causing me all kinds of misery. Another of their little games was to attach a long chain with a heavy steel ball at its end. They would then order me to climb the stairs to the top and return to the bottom 10 times. Because the chain was six inches longer than my legs, the heavy ball was constantly being dragged up or falling down a step causing great pain to my already sore groin.

But I think my Master’s favorite games which he demanded that I perform when guests were present involved 10 (not too) stainless balls or on some occasions large green olives. After removing my dress and panties he would tie my hands behind my back and then scattered the balls or olives on the floor in various locations of the room. I then had to pick up each ball in the crack of my ass, crawl to a designated corner , and release it there. If for any reason I dropped a ball before I reached the corner, I would have to return it to where I had picked it up by pushing it with my nose and begin the process all over again. Once all of the balls were delivered to the corner, it was necessary for me to put them in 2 straight lines by adjusting each of their positions with my tongue. As if this game was not torture enough, there was a time limit for its completion with penalties for every minute it took over the time prescribed. When olives were used, I was usually ordered to pick them up in my mouth, chew them up, and swallow every one, including the pits as a final indignity. .

Little did I know that my life was about to take a major turn one evening when my Master and Mistress invited the Burnetts and their son Samuel to the house for dinner. Aside from the usual degrading services I was made to perform while serving them cocktails and dinner, the evening progressed in just about the same way as all the others. I did notice, however, that Master Jack’s son Samuel seemed to be paying a great deal of attention to me and whenever I would be within an arm’s reach, he would pinch my ass or run his hands up my legs, beneath my short skirt, to just short of the elastic leg openings of my panties. To my great shame, one time he surprised me by pinching the tip of my unprotected clitty. Startled by the young man’s actions, I let out a feminine shriek and jerked away from his side. Both my Masters and his parents could see what had occurred and chuckled in glee. I was pleased when his mother Gloria rebuked him by saying softly, “Now Samuel, leave the little sissy bitch alone so that she can prepare our dinners. Otherwise we are never going to eat and I am starving!” Had she stopped there I would have been most happy but then she said the following which unnerved me greatly. “Don’t worry my big macho son. After this weekend you are going to be able to feel up the little slut anytime you may want as well as do anything else to her that pleases you. Just think son, a real sissy slave toy for just your pleasure and amus.......” She stopped in mid sentence when my Mistress Jennifer coughed and said, “Why don’t we leave this matter for later when we tell francine the complete story of her new ‘assignment” Mistress Gloria replied “Of course, Jennifer that would be the proper thing to do. I’m sorry” Despite apologizing, the gloating smile never left her face. Oh God, I thought to myself, what new torments were awaiting me?

After my Superiors had finished their dinner, they all returned to the living room where I served them coffee and brandy. I was then instructed to kneel on the floor facing the large circular couch on which they were all comfortably seated. Master Jack sat on the far left, next Mistress Gloria, Samuel, my Master, and on the farthest right Mistress Jennifer. Ordering me to raise my bowed head so that everyone was able to view my face, my Master began to outline my future life. “In a few weeks, this strapping young man to my right will be 21 years old. His parents desire to give him something special as a gift at this important point of his life. And guess what? YOU are going to be that special gift! I want you to know that Jack and Gloria have paid a large price for your ass among your other attributes. Because of that fact, your purchase agreement allows them to return you to us if they or Samuel are not satisfied with your efforts in any way. Since at that time we would have to return the money they had paid for you, I can assure you that you will suffer greatly should this occur.”

Upon hearing this pronouncement, I felt very faint and it sounded like my Master was speaking to me through a pipe as each word seemed to echo in my ears. Mistress Jennifer then leaned forward and placed her palm under my chin and raised my face up so that I was forced to meet her eyes with my own. “We will miss you francine, but I am sure that Samuel will allow us to make use of your services when we visit occasionally. Also, until we are able to locate a replacement for your sissy talents he has agreed to rent you back to us on a daily basis. Wasn’t that kind of him, bitch?” Not waiting for a reply she continued, “The bonding ritual service will be conducted this weekend at “The Academy”, during an open house for potential new members. I am sure that they will find this presentation most interesting and exciting. You, on the other hand, may find it quite embarrassing and humiliating as you make your very sacred and demeaning slave vows to your new Master Samuel. But this is what you were born to be, isn’t it?” Yes Mam I replied in a low and humble voice.

My Master than said, “All right my little suck/fuck bitch, give your “intended” a nice wet kiss to show him how happy you are to become his property”. As I crawled on my knees to Master Samuel, I could not help but see the sneering broad smile of his face. Stopping only when I could go no further with the front of the couch blocking me, I looked up and puckered my lips. Smiling down at me, he nodded his head from side to side and with his finger pointed down. I knew what was expected and backed off about a foot when I heard him say. “And be very gentle when you unzip my pants and carefully draw my cock out of my shorts and through my fly. You wouldn’t want anything to happen to your new Master’s cock now would you? Oh we are going to have so much fun sucking and fucking, spanking and whipping, eating and drinking, and all those other little things that makes life so worth living. Do you remember all those things you used to do for me when you were cleaning my parents house. Well, all of that will be like child-play compared with all the good things we will do when you become my own private bonded slave. And, my little sissy bitch, all that sucking you give me and all that fucking I give you, will only be the first phase of the fun I plan to have with you. Just think about that, my whore.”

With cheeks burning hot with shame, my heart beating so fast and loud that I could hear it, and my fingers trembling, I pulled down his zipper. And as I did this, the back of my hand actually slid down the length of his huge tool tracing its mighty size through his tight denim jeans Reaching into the gapping hole in his trousers, I threaded my finger through the slit in his shorts in my quest for his manly cock. I soon felt the thick throbbing hot rod with which I would shortly become very familiar. So familiar in fact that I would be able to identify it from all other male emblems by its unique size, veins, bumps, taste, and odor. After pulling it out of Master Samuel’s fly, I lowered my head and planted a loving and reverent kiss and tongue lick directly over the slit at the very tip of its fleshy thick mushroom shaped cock head. Thus was my commitment of service given to and accepted by my future owner and ruler ... Master Samuel.

The next several days were extremely busy. In addition to my normal household duties and usual intimate services for my Master and Mistress, I had to fold and pack most of my feminine garments into cartons for shipping to my new abode. My Mistress’ dressmaker took my measurements and returned the very next day with a replica of, that most feminine of garments, a wedding gown complete with rustling crinoline and silk underskirts and a pretty white veil and long train that flowed down my back to the floor. I was fully aware that the Bonding Ritual would be similar to a Marriage Ceremony only in superficial appearances. The inclusion of my wedding gown and vows was for the sole purpose of making a mockery of a normally sacred and joyous occasion. Instead, the intent of the debauching “Bondage Ritual” was to both demean and bind me, like a piece of property, to my new Master Samuel. Since the shameful ceremony would be performed before many witness, it could easily be proven that I chose my lifelong servitude on a free and voluntary basis.. To a very great extent this was true, since there did not seem to be any alternative but to follow this humble pathway. Penniless, devoid of all self pride, physically marked with demeaning rings, friendless, capable of performing only the most mundane work, a wardrobe of only feminine clothes, sexually uncertain, shy, timid and always unsure, cowardly frightened of most everything, all confirmed that it would be best to become a slave to Master Samuel ....... in reality what choice did I have?

On the morning of the day of the Bonding Ritual, Mistress Jennifer supervised my preparation for the event. First came a scented bath and two very close shaves of all body hair with special attention paid to my pubic, bottom, underarm areas., Before the sweet scented bath powder was patted on me, my Mistress inspected my naked body to be sure that there was not a single hair remaining. Grasping the ring on my chastity device, she threaded a long pink ribbon through it and tied a knot so that the two ends of the ribbon were the same distance from my clitty. She then hooked a brand new white satin bra closed behind me and inserted small pads into the cups which were already quite full of my developing breasts and nipple rings. She even shortened each of the shoulder straps so that my twin breasts were pulled higher in order to make them more attractive.

Next she clipped around my waist a white satin garter belt, decorated with little embroidered pink, yellow, and blue rose buds, similar to those on my bra, Dangling down were six garter straps, each covered with delicate lace. Handing me some new, very heavy and silky stockings, I threaded my foot into one and pulled it up my leg and attached it tautly to three garters. I repeated the same procedure on my other leg. Looking in the mirror I noticed that the hose where quite short and was about to mention it when l suddenly felt the ribbons attached to my clitty chastity device jerk back between my legs. By pulling the ribbon in this way, it forced my sissy clitty and tessie bag to be drawn between my legs, where they would remain when my Mistress tied the straining ribbons to a secure loop on the back of the garter belt. Standing in front of me, she boldly extended her hand between my spread legs cupping my sexuality with her long fingers and palm of her hand.. Yes, my little sissy, it is as if you are totally smooth with just a little hint of your small organs showing and available for whatever your new Master Samuel desires to do with them for his amusement.

Securing a pair of white silk panties, decorated as the other lingerie, she held them open for me to step into and then drew them up my legs. They were bikini style and the lace encrusted waist band extended across my stomach just below the bottom edge of the garter belt. Next I was directed to slip my feet into a pair of white patent leather pumps with 6” heels which I found difficult to stand in, let alone walk in. Just as my Mistress was pulling another stiff petticoat up my legs, I heard my Masters familiar whistle and saw him in the mirror as he leered at me. Walking forward, he cupped the cheeks of my satin covered ass in the palm of his hand, with his fingers extending between my legs softly stroking my turned back clitty. Placing his face against my own, he said, "for two cents I would give back Jack’s money and fuck this bitch until I filled her with so much jiz, she would explode”. Mistress Jennifer chuckled and said, "You know we can’t do that, darling, His son Samuel would be so disappointed if he didn’t get the pretty little toy he was promised. Just keep thinking how much fun it is going to be training that sweet little sissy, we interviewed yesterday." Smiling as he continued to rub my soft bottom cheeks with his hand, he replied, “Yeah, I guess your right, honey. Out with the old cunt, in with the new pussy”, he said as he swatted my ass so hard that he nearly knocked me over.

It took another hour to finally complete my dressing and applying my cosmetics. Standing before the mirror, I could hardly believe that the reflection was really me. Dressed all in white satin and lace that seemed to crackle and whisper each time I moved, a veil allowing just the red of my lipstick covered mouth and rouged cheeks to show through, my ankle and high heel pumps peeking out below the lacy hem of the bridal gown’s long full skirt all contributed to make me look like a princess in a fairy tale. I was further shocked on how this most feminine of all female garments, not only made me appear to be a real women BUT actually made me feel like one!

Even my Master whistled in admiration as Mistress Jennifer led me downstairs in preparation to go to “The Academy” and my intended .... Master Samuel. After first buckling the thick leather belt around my waist, he secured my wrists with the cuffs hanging from short chains attached to each side. Next he attached a short gold chain leash to my nose ring and handed the free end to Mistress Jennifer. Leading me out of the front door and into the auto, I was directed to sit in the back seat. After locking the manacle attached to the floorboards around my left ankle, my Master and Mistress got into the front seat and he started the car. As we pulled out of the driveway I could not stop a big tear from running down my cheek. Although my life with my Master and Mistress had had its painful subjugation's and bitter embarrassments, I had a fearful foreboding that “life” with Master Samuel would be even more debasing and painful. Throughout the entire trip to “The Academy”, I whimpered and trembled in fear as my mind conjured up pictures of sadistic torture and debauchery..

And then we arrived at “The Academy” gates which yawned wide to welcome us and then clanged shut behind us as if to say “Now I have you and there is no escape”. My Master drove to the front of the large structure where a boy dressed as a page drove the car away after we had left it. Again grasping the golden chain attached to my nose ring, my Master led me through the front door where he and Mistress Jennifer were welcomed warmly by the Head Director of The Academy, Madame Helga. “On your knees bitch”, my Master said as he jerked the leash forward and down. “Ah, such a pretty little bondage bride you make, francine. You look just like an innocent bride, sweetheart”, said Madame Helga. To which Mistress Jennifer replied as she kissed the cheek of Madame Helga, “Yeah, as innocent as a cheap whore who wouldn’t turn down a trick with a six inch hardon even if he was dead broke.”

After a few more minutes of chatting, I was allowed to rise to my feet and we were led by the Madame to a small room. “I believe you should be comfortable here until the ‘Bondage Ritual’ begins. That door leads directly into the auditorium. I intend to give our guests a brief orientation of “The Academy” which you will be able to hear from the speaker next to the door. After I say the words, ‘so let the bonding festivities begin’, you will both lead our lovely whore down the aisle by her nose leash to the end where I and Master Samuel will be standing. As a final visual display of francine’s ownership transfer, you will hand the leash to Master Samuel and seat yourselves in the front row next to the parents of the groom, to watch the ceremony. I am sure you will find it erotically amusing. Well perhaps not francine, but then that isn’t too important is it?”

After about 30 minutes, during which period Mistress Jennifer adjusted my clothes and freshened my cosmetics and my Master watched television, the relative quiet was broken as the speaker came to life with the sound of Madame Helga’s voice. “Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, Mistress’ and Masters. I hope you are enjoying your inspection of “The Academy” and our many exciting facilities. As it is quite obvious, we spare no expense to satisfy our Members desires, whether that is the finest vintage wines and gourmet foods or the training of your submissive to the status of a superior slave. “The Academy” is unlike any other organization in the world. It was solely designed to satisfy the unique desires of the wealthy Dominant man and woman. Here, fantasy becomes real, to be lived and savored to the nth degree. Nothing is ever impossible, given enough time to my staff to create it. Should you choose to join us as one of our very limited membership, your wishes, no matter how extraordinary, will be satisfied. That is our purpose! That is our guarantee!.

As you learned on your tour, one of the primary purposes of “The Academy” is to educate and train slaves to furnish the highest quality of service to their owners. Some of our members bring their servants to us for training, while others select and purchase their needs from a stable of well trained slaves that we maintain to serve and entertain members who may be visiting. Although coeducational, so called male inmates out number genetic females by about 10 to 1. Many specialty training courses are offered after it has completed a very rigorous initial slave indoctrination schedule. These post graduate training courses run the gamut from the mundane, such as how to properly clean their Master’s toilet to the erotic, such as actually functioning as their Master’s toilet. Sexual reorientation of males to an exaggerated feminine submissive image is very common.

It would be a gross understatement to say that we are very strict when describing how we treat our inmates. Instant and complete obedience to all of “The Academy” regulations and demands of the staff is the ‘watch word’ under which we operate. Excuses of any nature are not tolerated. Punishment for even the smallest deviation from the regulations, poor learning attitudes, the least hesitation in obeying an order, or the slightest sign of disrespect is both swift and severe. There is no appeal. There are no second chances. There is only punishment. I can assure you that the inmate learns its lessons much more quickly when it discovers that its instructor has both the will and authority to punish in any way she or he may desire. Under the constant threat of instant and painful retribution, it generally does not take long to develop a genuine slave mentality in our inmates. From that point on, he or she becomes very pliable to our authority and it is just a matter of teaching and honing the slave’s ability to perform expertly the services required of it.

As you were shown on your tour of our facilities, we not only can create a proper mental attitude in our, shall we say ‘students’, but also are fully equipped to modify its physical characteristics as well. Partial or even complete castrations, breast implants, all types of chastity devices, voice modification, cosmetic tattoos including permanent lip and eye liners, hormonal exchanges and treatments, body piercings, plastic surgery, are just a few of the procedures that we conduct at ‘The Academy’. I and my expert staff pride ourselves on being able to bring to reality all of our member’s fantasies relating to their slave’s mental and physical attributes.

Aside from the fact that we have a highly skilled staff, proven training methods, best equipment, and a strong dedication to succeed, I believe our ability to secure high levels of slave service is attributable to the fact that we have no long term relationships with our trainees. As an example, there is never a feeling of sympathy for a subject undergoing punishment which might affect its severity as might occur if it were a wife training a husband or visa versa.. Everything at ‘The Academy’ is done in an extremely impersonal manner so all pleas for mercy, begging, and play acting have no effect upon the severity of a punishment - the last lash will be as firmly delivered as the first one, if not harder.

The rigors of our training methods leave a continuing effect upon the quality of service rendered by a slave to its owner. Sometimes when returned to its Master a slave may backslide and attempt to see how much it can get away with. Since there may have been a more caring attitude between them in the past, the severity of punishments for misbehavior may not be as great as it might deserve. Encouraged by this fact, the slave’s obedience level deteriorates still further as it interprets your mercy as weakness. Affection and a few chains may keep a slave at home, BUT a no nonsense attitude and severe punishments will also keep it working harder and serving its Masters better. If, however, you are unable to punish it in the manner that will maximize its effect, there is an alternative method without having to ‘dirty your hands’. If your slave has undergone our basic slave training course, all you need do is suggest that if its obedience level and quality of service does not improve, that you intend to return it to ‘The Academy’ for a refresher course in proper behavior! The results are always the same - it will jump to do whatever you require and its quality of service will return to its former high level. Once released from ‘The Academy’, no slave desires to return, even for a short correctional visit.

Your visit to ‘The Academy’ on this day is most fortuitous. It will enable you to witness a very interesting event. This afternoon the son of one of our members, Samuel, will take possession of a slave currently owned by another member couple. Although the ‘Bondage Ritual’ bears a certain resemblance to a wedding ceremony, it is purely superficial. A wedding is a happy social event whereby two consenting adults, who desire to join together in love and mutual respect, may celebrate their union with well wishing friends and relatives. On the other hand, the ‘Bonding Ritual’ you will witness will bind sissy francine’s mind, body, and very soul to Master Samuel who may use them for whatever purpose he may desire. By her vows she will confirm her Master’s dominion over her and pledge her blind obedience to do whatever her Master orders. By the end of the ritual, her fate will be sealed and her sole purpose of living confirmed. That purpose is simply to please and satisfy her Master, regardless of what that may entail. She will deny him nothing. No act will be too degrading that she will not beg her Master for his permission to perform it. No punishment will be so painful that she will not endure it and furthermore after it has been completed she will kiss and lick her Master’s hand as a sign of appreciation for his efforts. After completing her vows of subservience to Master Samuel, she will be committed to obey her Master instantly, completely, and properly for the rest of her life.

So now, if Master Samuel will join me on the platform to await the presence of his new bride slave we will let the bondage festivities begin.” As soon as she said this, the door opened and organ music playing “Here comes the bride” commenced. Grasping my nose ring leash, my Master and Mistress started to walk down a long aisle with me following closely behind. I was shocked to see approximately 200 men and women seated on either side. Most had an amused and sneering smile on their face as they contemplated the debauching ceremony they were about to witness. If my hands were not tied behind my back, I would have covered my face with them. Instead, I bowed my head so that I would not see their faces. Suddenly we came to a stop at the far end of the aisle where Madame Helga and Master Samuel stood. After handing my leash to Master Samuel, my Master said in a voice loud enough for everyone to hear, “Have fun Samuel. As your father can vouch for, your new slave bitch has a sweet tender mouth, perfect for sucking cock and a really hot tight cunty ass guaranteed to milk you dry every time you stick your dick up it. I will certainly miss the little slut”. Then Mistress Jennifer said, “Now be a good little sissy to your new Master, honey. Treat him nicely and, I am sure, your new life will not be too bad.” Leaning forward she gently closed her hand around Master Samuel’s exposed cock. I had not noticed before that Master Samuel was not wearing anything under his black leather chaps and, hence, his cock, balls, and ass were completely exposed. After feeling the size and weight of Master Samuel’s masculine tool she said, “Oh darling, you are so lucky to belong to a Master so well endowed. You just must tell me how wonderful it felt after he takes you. And my o my, I can just imagine the large quantity of hot cum juice, those big heavy balls of his have to give to you. Now be very ladylike and don’t let any of the hot slimy man cream dribble from your mouth and stain your blouse, dear” The audience chuckled and laughed as my former Master and Mistress left the platform and seated themselves to watch the ceremony.

“And now Master Samuel, please assist your new slave to kneel at your feet, so that her head, and especially her mouth is level with your manhood emblem”, Madame Helga said and which my Master did, so that I was facing him. “Now sissy francine, repeat after me as you maintain eye contact with your Master standing in all his dominant glory before you.

My Master is God, I must worship Him

My Master is strong, I am weak

My Master knows all, I know nothing

My Master is always right, I will not question

My Master leads, I will follow

My Master is a real man, I am a sissy shemale

My Master decides, I will obey

My Master is all, I am but a speck of dirt

I truly felt degraded as I was made to disparage myself before the audience of men and women. But this was nothing compared with what was to come. High above me Madame Helga said, “And now we come to the point in the ritual for the exchanging of ‘Bonding Vows’. As is proper, Master Samuel will be first. Do you Master Samuel take sissy francine as your lawfully bonded slave, to degrade and humiliate; to rule and govern; to train and test; to taunt and tease; and to torment and punish for the rest of her life?” “I certainly do”, Master Samuel replied with a broad smile on his face.

“Now sissy francine, tilt your head back so that your Master may look down at you kneeling before him and see the sincerity and love in your eyes as you take your vows”

“Do you SISSY francine, vow to always love and cherish your Master?” I do, I replied. “To seal your commitment, kiss the toe of your Master’s left boot” As I leaned forward to do this, Master raised the toe of the boot and directed me to kiss the sole portion of the toe so as not to mar the black mirror shine of his boot. Returning to my former position I heard Madame Helga continue.

“Do you SLUT francine, vow to always honor and worship your Master?” I do, I replied.

“To seal your commitment, kiss the toe of your Master’s right boot” Again Master Samuel tilted his boot up on its heal so that I would kiss that portion of his boot directly below toes.

“Do you SLAVE francine, vow to always obey your Master?” I said I do. “To seal your everlasting commitment, you may raise your head in order to kiss the head of your Master’s cock one time.” Leaning forward I placed my puckered lips to Master Samuel’s large mushroom shaped cockhead and kissed it. Afterwards while repositioning myself, I could not help but run my tongue over my lips so as to taste any residue that might have been left on them.

“Do you WHORE francine, vow to render any service requested of you by your Master or his friends?” Yes Mam, I replied. “To seal your commitment, you will now tongue lick your Master’s hairy balls. I flicked my tongue several times against his large balls as I had been taught to do. After about 10 licks, Madame Helga told me to resume my former position.

“Do you MAID francine, vow to keep your Master’s house neat and clean?” I do, I answered. “Very good. Now if Master Samuel will turn around, you may seal your commitment by kissing the left cheek of your Master’s ass.” Stooping slightly, Master Samuel placed his ass close to my face and I pressed my lips against the muscular cheek, giving it a nice wet kiss.

“Do you VALET francine, vow to wash, iron, and maintain your Master’s wardrobe as befits his regal status?” I will, I said. “To seal your commitment, you may now kiss your Master’s right ass cheek.” Master Samuel again leaned back, shoving his ass in my face on which I planted another wet kiss.

“Do you ASSWIPE francine, vow to assist your Master in anyway he should demand while in the bathroom?” In a trembling voice I said I do. “No need to be nervous, bitch! Since you will be spending a great deal of your time there shortly, you may now taste your Master’s asshole. I want to see you lick it nice and clean as a seal to your commitment.” Leaning my face into Master Samuel’s crack, I extended my tongue and drove it deeply until I felt the white hot edge of his bottom hole. To the background sound of my Master’s moans of pleasure, I continued to pay homage to him in this demeaning fashion. “Alright francine, that will be enough for now, but by the joyful smile on your Master’s face, I would think you will have many opportunities in the future to practice this service for him.”

“Do you COCKSUCKER francine, vow to always satisfy your Master’s sexual desires by use of your hands, mouth, and ass whenever he so wishes and in whatever way he shall direct?” Yes Mam, I replied. “Sir, would you please turn around so that sissy francine will be able to seal her commitment by licking the length of your shaft until it glistens and shines. Yes that is right francine, all the way from his nuts to his cockhead. Up and down, up and down, up and down. Oh you are so talented, you sweet little cocksucking whore, OK that is enough for now, but don’t worry. You can show our giests how well you give head to men in just a little while.”

“Do you SEXLESS francine, vow to never cum without your Master’s permission?” But Madame, I am unable to have an orgasm because of my chastity device. “Ha ha good but still show your commitment by cleaning your Master’s pubic hair until it sparkles.” Leaning forward, I buried my mouth into my Master’s thick wiry bush just above his now hard cock. Again and again, my tongue licked him until it was frothy white with saliva.

“Do you FAGGOT francine, vow to wear any clothing your Master may direct or remain completely naked if that is his wish?” I do, I replied. “To seal your commitment, lick your Master’s balls until every inch glows bright with your saliva.” Though beginning to weaken due to all my efforts, I knelt lower and began to lick and clean my Master’s balls. And as I struggled to do this, I could hear a soft murmur as the guests whispered among themselves mocking my degrading activities.

“And finally do you BITCH francine, vow to never attempt to escape from your Master’s control with the sure knowledge that should you break this vow your Master will maim you so that you will be unable to ever run again?” I weakly replied I do. “Prostrate your insignificant body on the floor at your Master’s feet and as he takes one step backwards, lick the floor where he has stood to signify that you worship the ground upon which your Master stands. And as your slave demonstrates her boundless respect and honor to you Master Samuel, please place your right boot on the back of her head so that she will forever remember that her rightful position in life will always be under her Master’s foot. Be assured that she will quickly learn that only her high quality of service and her Master’s generosity protect her from being ground into the dirt like a filthy cockroach.” As I laid there in my white gown licking the floor where my Master had so recently stood, his booted foot crushed the back of my head and neck painfully down against the dirty tiles.

After completing this task to their satisfaction, Master Samuel assisted me back onto my knees so that I was again kneeling before his now fully erect cock.. “Now francine is the time when you must sanctify your vows to your new Master. And there is no better way to sanctify them but for you to take your Master’s hard hot cock between your soft red lips and into your tender wet mouth. And then to suck and lick it until he shoots his first wad of slippery salty-sweet cum into your mouth which you will immediately swallow. Before your Master’s second ejaculation, he will remove his manly tool from your mouth and massage it while it is pointed at your face. It will be your assignment, you sweet little cocksucker, to catch each arching strand of man cream in your mouth after his cock spits it out. It would be very rude on your part, francine, if any of your Master’s seed was not caught and promptly swallowed. Be well aware that you will be punished severely if we feel you are not trying to catch all of your Master’s nice hot scum direct from his big round balls. Enough said! Get on it bitch and show our guests what a lovely cocksucker you are. I do not want to see it leave your mouth until after it shoots his first load down your throat.”

Grasping Master’s Samuel’s thick hard cock in her right hand to steady it, she forced my head towards it with her left hand. Though embarrassed beyond comprehension, I opened my mouth wide to receive my Master’s fully erect penis. As it slid into my mouth and laid heavily on my tongue, I heard Madame Helga say, above the excited murmuring of the audience, “Ess, min kinder, ess ess” And so I began to massage this huge rod of lust with my tongue, while gently suckling it. However, it could not have been more than a few minutes since my Master had inserted his cock into my slutty mouth before he took total control. Grasping the back of my head with both hands, he began to fuck my mouth with fast short strokes which seemed to increase in speed and depth. All I could do was to make sure that my teeth were out of his way, as his sexual emblem steadily plunged in and out of my mouth, much like a piston does in a cylinder.

Thankfully he shortly reached the pinnacle point of his lust and I tasted the salty-sweet flavor of his first discharge. Immediately withdrawing it from my mouth and taking a small step backwards, I watched as he continued to stroke it up and down. Knowing what was expected of me, I watched with my mouth opened wide. In seconds a short stream of milky cum shot out of his cock’s slit. Adjusting my kneeling position slightly, I was able to catch most of it in my mouth while the balance landed on my chin. The audience applauded but his second ejaculation hit the tip of my nose and splattered on my cheeks and dribbled down on my lips. The guests laughingly booed and hissed me. I caught the next one almost entirely on my outstretched tongue. I am sure that Master Samuel purposely aimed the last two shots so that I could not catch them. One landed on the middle of my forehead and began to drool down into my eyes. As I had tilted my face up in an attempt to catch it, he shot his last load directly into my nostrils. Everyone was gaily laughing at my degrading plight and as I knelt there totally debauched I heard Master Jack proudly shout, “That’s my boy”, as if his son had just hit a home run with the bases loaded. Master Samuel only stood there and smiled as an acknowledgement of the clapping guests. Still holding his cock, he would occasionally swipe its head over a still damp cum stain on my face, and then make me lick it off of it, to everyone’s further delight and my ever greater shame.

After everything had quieted down, Madame Helga said’ “We now come to that portion of the “Bonding Ritual” when our two participants drink a toast to their future life together. As is proper, Master Samuel will drink first. Please note that his wine is contained in a very beautiful cut glass goblet which denotes his high social position. The wine is a deep strong burgundy color indicating his physical and mental strength. Its aroma has a slightly sweet bouquet and is pleasing to the nose which symbolizes the sweet life to which he is entitled. And last of all, the wine’s taste is mellow and pleasing as it is savored by Master Samuel’s taste buds. Please drain your glass fully and contemplate your future rich life as you look down at your personal slave kneeling so obediently at your feet.” Master Samuel took the wine glass and proceeded to drain it completely, whereupon he gave it back to Madame Helga..

“Now sissy francine’s wine is of an entirely different vintage, let alone source. As you can see by my holding it up, it is in a common cheap plastic cup as befits the common and low rank of the whore who will consume it. The color of the fluid is a thin mustard shade of yellow, which matches well with the weakness and cowardice exhibited so frequently by francine. It aroma, or to be more enact, its odor can only be described as rank and rancid. Its foul odor portends a life filled with odorous tasks and labor. Although I have never tasted it, I am told that its flavor is akin to stale swamp water with an overriding salty and bitter aftertaste. And there is no more perfect omen of sissy francine’s future life than this as it represents the many salty tears that will furrow the cheeks of this slut, while she endures the bitter days to come.

In case you haven’t already guessed, the basic ingredient in our sweet bride’s wine is her beloved’s urine. To enhance its ‘rich’ flavor and ‘delicate’ aroma we asked Master Samuel to urinate into a chamber pot a week ago so that the brew could be aged properly. We added a used condom with, of course, its recently filled contents still intact to add that certain ‘extra flavor’. Then we placed the mixture in a nice warm area to mature and ripen. It is now at its peak of richness and flavor and a perfect wine for a little sissy to drink as a toast to its life of servitude.

Since her hands are still tied behind her back, she will have to sip it out of the glass with this narrow straw . Using a narrow straw will enable sissy francine to sip it more slowly and therefore she will be able to savor the taste that much longer” She placed the straw in my mouth and with great trepidation I began to suck the foul liquid into my mouth. No matter how hard I sucked on the straw, only a small bit would dribble out. The taste was vile and knowing what it consisted of, made the task of drinking it even more distasteful. Several times I gaged trying to swallow it, but Madame Helga threatened me with dire consequences should I become ill when drinking my new Master’s piss. Somehow I was able to get it all down without a mishap. As she held the cup upside down to show the audience that I had drunk it all, many of them clapped their hands. Peculiar as it may sound, I felt a certain degree of pride for having completed the task. Seconds later I was shocked to think that I would even drink such a putrid substance in front of strangers, let alone take pride in doing so, and yet somehow I did. Oh God, what was I becoming?

“As is normal in ceremonies similar to this one, there is an exchange of rings. As you can plainly see, sissy francine is proudly wearing her primary one through the septum of her nose. Master Samuel’s ring is at one end of this thin gold chain which can be easily attached to francine’s nose ring by a locking devise at its other end. When wearing it on his index finger, all he needs do to keep his slut close at hand is wiggle his finger to get her attention and walk away. Be assured that she will be scampering after him - she has no choice. There are many other uses of the nose ring and leash other than just walking the “dog”. Obviously you can use it to bind your slave in bondage postures but the one I like the best was suggested by a long time member of ‘The Academy’ - Master Stuart. He uses it on his female slave when she performs her nightly cock worship. After inserting his cock into her mouth he wraps the chain leading from her nose ring around his hips and then attaches its free end back to the nose ring again. Her mouth is therefore firmly drawn to the ‘object of her adoration’ and from which there is no escape even when her Master’s organ may go soft. Stuart says even after a glorious climax, when his slave is instructed to cease her sucking, it still feels wonderful having his resting cock in the steamy hot cavern of his slave’s mouth. He further told me that despite the fact that his bitch is not actively sucking him, her normal need to swallow and unintended tongue flicks always revitalize his sleeping giant and it does not take long before he is again feeding his wench another hot load of milky man juice. I can personally vouch for what he says as it is a rare night when I don’t retire without one of ‘The Academy’s’ house slaves bound by his or her nose ring between my legs. It really relaxes me and is a wonderful harbinger of a lovely night sleep, for me that is, not necessarily for the slave.

In order for you to see the other bondage rings it will be necessary for us to remove sissy francine’s very pretty bridal gown. Master Samuel, would you assist your new slave to stand up, release her hands from the cuffs and then unzip her gown in back so that she can expose herself to our guests.” It felt wonderful to be standing again and I was relieved to feel the cuffs removed so that I could again use my arms and hands.. Then I felt the long zipper at the back of my dress being pulled down and I shuddered in fear and embarrassment at my impending exposure to the audience. As Madame Helga stepped close to me and grasped the shoulder portion of the gown, she whispered to me, “I’ll allow no trouble from you bitch. Even though your hands are free, you will NOT cover any portion of your body with them. Just keep them at your side or wherever else you are instructed to place them. If you give me any problem, I’ll punish you severely before all these ‘Academy’ visitors and guarantee you will regret your foolish behavior.” I could not help but cringe at her threatening words.

As she stepped back, she drew the gown off my shoulders and pulled it down to where it lay on the floor surrounding my feet. Next she jerked down my pretty stiff petticoats and I was told to step out of them, after which she kicked them and the dress away from us. Being displayed to all those strangers in just my bra, garter belt, panties, hose, and heels was embarrassing enough, but then Madame Helga asked Master Samuel to unsnap my brassiere which he was most eager to do. As the Madame drew the bra shoulder straps down my arms and removed the garment completely, I could hear a murmuring in the crowd as my naked breasts came into view. “Yes aren’t they just precious?”, she asked the audience. “They are the result of a combination of estrogen injections and pills as well as special bust developing exercises. Raise your arms and hold each of your elbows behind your neck, bitch, so that everyone may see how curved and firm your titties are.”

As I raised my arms up, Master Samuel reached from behind me and cupped each of my breasts in his hands. As he squeezed each, I felt him press against my panty covered ass with his swiftly growing penis. He even began to rock back and forth letting his cock furrow between my two soft bottom cheeks. “Now now, let’s not get her too excited, Samuel. You’ll have plenty of time and opportunity to fuck the slut’s pussy hole after we finish here”, Madame Helga said. Stepping back slightly and letting his palms rest on my hips, Master Samuel said, “Sorry about that Helga but this whore is so hot I just couldn’t stop myself” And then leaning close and pressing his cock hard against my ass again he whispered in my ear, “Just you wait until we are alone and I can work on you for real, bitch. Then I will really split every one of your fucking holes open. Baby you will never be the same and there is not one thing that you can do about it.” As much as I wanted to turn and beg him for mercy I did not do it because I knew I was trapped and there was no escape.

“Now as I was saying before Master Samuel got a little bit horney, but then who could blame him when he is the proud owner of this sweet piece of ass. Please note that in addition to her nicely developing breasts, she has had fitted a nice seamless ring through each of her nipples. Now that they have healed, they are form excellent anchors for bondage chains and leashes. You might be interested in knowing that the rings do not affect in the least the effect of nipple erotic stimulation or as a pain center for punishment.

And now we come to the sissy’s most personal bondage ring.. Samuel will you do the honors and pull sissy francine’s pretty panties down and release her restraining ribbon in back so that everyone may enjoy seeing her wonderfully effective chastity device.” He pulled them all the way down to my ankles and I was told to step out of them and to keep my legs slightly apart. Next he untied the ribbons attached to my garter belt with the result that my tiny clitty flopped down for everyone to see. I thought I would die of shame and yet, there I stood fully exposed for everyone to mock and ridicule. Having no courage or independent will to even attempt to cover myself, I allowed my developing breasts, useless clitty, and denuded body to be openly displayed, knowing full well that I was merely a toy for the amusement of my superiors.

Taking my clitty in the palm of her left hand, Madame Helga pointed with a finger on her right hand how the device was permanently attached to me. “It’s primary function is to restrict the little toy from erecting, which it does quite effectively. Combined with her daily intake of feminine hormone pills and monthly booster shots, this little bitch is quite impotent. This little ring attached to the upper part of the metal sleeve is ideal for leading the slave by a leash attachment or as an anchor for bondage. It is also an ideal location for the attachment of a metal identification tag such as what I am now holding. Engraved on its face reads, ‘Property of Master Samuel Burnett. If found, please detain and call 516-555-2275’. Master Samuel, please do the honor of permanently attaching this tag to your slave property.” Taking the tag from Madame Helga, he bent down slightly and locked it onto the ring of my Frenum Bondage Ring. “Incidentally, for those in the audience who may wish to purchase similar rings and devices, they are on sale at ‘The Academy’. Furthermore, as in the case of sissy francine, they may be installed in our world famous clinic.

Master Samuel, please assist your sissy francine to return to her kneeling position before you so that we may complete the ‘Bonding Ritual’. From this moment forward, sissy francine, your life is committed to serving your Master in whatever manner he may direct. Resign yourself to be an insignificant tool which he may use unsparingly for his enjoyment. Obey him always in a subservient and submissive demeanor. Remember always that your worth will be measured only by the quality of service that you render. You have ceased to be a person, but instead have become an animal, bred for the sole purpose of amusing and laboring for your superiors. All dignity, self will, and control over your actions in the past is forever gone. Instead, everything that you do from the moment you awake until released from service for the night will be dictated by others. You now have absolutely no rights and very few privileges, and even they may be instantly canceled at the whim of your Master. You will work hard and long and do not ever expect to hear the words ‘Please’ or ‘Thank you’ or any other words of appreciation for your efforts. ‘Pity’, ‘Mercy’, and ‘Sympathy’ have been erased from your dictionary. In their place are words like ‘Pain’, ‘Degradation’, ‘Humiliation’, and hundreds of other like words. I advise you to accept your punishments humbly and learn from them so that you can become a better slave to your Owner. The only pride that you will be allowed to have in your forthcoming years of servitude will be a sense of inner pride earned when you are able to satisfy your Master’s wishes, no matter how debasing your actions may be to yourself. A slave deserves nothing more!

And now we come to the closing segment of our ‘Bonding Ritual’. As you may be aware, animals define their territory by leaving their scent on it. We at ‘The Academy’ believe that this is a splendid custom of showing the ownership of property by a Master or Mistress. So sissy francine, as the final act of your becoming the owned property of Master Samuel, he will anoint you with his scent. Before this final act however, you must express your respect and submission to your new Owner by reverently kissing the pee hole of your Master’s mighty cock.” After complying with this demand, I was told to crouch as low as possible before my Master. “ATTENTION! ATTENTION! By the power vested in me by the sacred laws of ‘The Academy’, I now pronounce that sissy francine is solely owned for the rest of her life by Master Samuel who has unlimited power to use her for whatever purpose he alone may choose. Should you accept sissy francine as your slave, please urinate upon her from the top of her head to the tips of her toes, forever marking her as your property.”

And so, naked except for my garter belt, hose and heels, I humbled myself before my new Owner. At first I felt only a trickle but it soon became a mighty stream of hot odorous urine spraying down upon me, sealing my ultimate fate. With all hope of escape gone, I knew that the only way I could survive was by a life of total servitude to Master Samuel. SO MOTE IT BE! © 1996 Francine & Michelle Johnson