The Feminization of Davy (Part I)

Yet Another Story of Lingerie and Corsets

© 1996 Clair Aspen

Early the next afternoon Aunt arrived, laden with bags and boxes. At her direction, I carried part of them to the room she was to occupy and the rest to my own. By then I thoroughly regretted my bargain with her but I was determined to stick with it so that they would have no opportunity to laugh at me.
As soon as Aunt was settled she came to my room and said, "Well Davy, shall we get started?" My heart sank but I took the dainty silk and lace chemise she handed me from one of the bags, and going into the bathroom, I undressed and put it on. Returning to my room I found Aunt had unpacked most of the bags. My bed was piled high with lingerie, hosiery, corsets, and other feminine apparel, while in my closet hung a long row of gowns. Aunt, turning from the closet, saw me and smiling said, "Davy you look better already. Now lets finish dressing you."
In a short time I was attired in all of the underthings: corset, hose, bloomers, corset cover, and petticoat and struggling for breath against the tight lacing. Aunt then took one of the dresses from the closet. It was of plain black silk, with a narrow skirt draped to a suggestion of a bustle in back. It had a high choker collar with fine white lace about it, long narrow sleeves with lace cuffs, and fitted very snugly about the waist and bosom.
With her help I struggled into it and was initiated into its mysteries of hooks and eyes and snaps. It was by far the most complicated dress I had worn. The dress was followed by shoes, wig, powder and rouge, and lastly a fine emerald rig and cameo brooch.
Thus dressed, Aunt made me look at myself, and again I was surprised at my feminine appearance. I had to admit to myself that I did not think the severe black dress was as becoming as those I had worn on previous occasions.
We went downstairs and I was paraded before Mother and Sue. They were lavish in their praise. Mother, to my satisfaction, did say that she thought that the dress was a trifle too severe for my age.
As before it took some time for me to become accustomed to my clothes, but the afternoon fairly flew by, and before I knew it was time for bed. Both Mother and Aunt came to my room and amid much laughter on their part, and embarrassment on mine, helped me undress. When I was clad only in my chemise, Aunt took from the closet a blue wool wrapper and a pair of high-heeled mules. Helping me into them she handed me a much ruffled flowered muslin nightgown and told me to change into it. I protested that nightgowns weren't part of the bargain but got nowhere. So for the rest of the week I slept in the dainty gown.
The next morning Aunt woke me and helped me to dress. or rather showed me how. She felt that I should be able to do it for myself. Lacing my corset was physically difficult but the rest, except for my hair, was easy.
Arranging my hair was a long and trying job but Aunt patiently advised me. Finally I was ready for breakfast dressed in a plain blue and white cotton morning frock. When we got downstairs Mother complemented me but chided us for being such slow pokes. She laughed heartily when I explained that our delay was caused because Aunt had insisted that I dress myself.
That afternoon Mother and Aunt left on a shopping expedition. They begged me to accompany them but I steadfastly refused. After their departure I read for a time, then becoming bored, I wandered about the house, finally ending up in my own room. There I turned to the closet and for the first time really examined the dresses hanging there. There were more than I could possibly wear in a week. Though the thought of them was embarrassing, there was a tiny tingle of excitement down my spine.
Realizing that the morning dress I had on would not be appropriate for dinner, I selected a rather plain dark green satin frock and changed into it. I also changed to more formal shoes and rearranged my hair as best I could. Then putting on the emerald ring, I surveyed myself with satisfaction and went downstairs for the balance of the afternoon.
Mother and Aunt, laden with bags and bundles, arrived just in time for dinner. Both approved my choice of gowns and hairdo, so I felt justly proud at having earned this by myself.
The next morning I was dressed in my cotton house frock and downstairs before the others got up. When they did appear I was given the usual scrutiny and approved except for my hair. This they said wasn't perfectly arranged but nonetheless good for a beginner.
After breakfast Aunt told me that she had purchased cloth for a suit the previous day and asked if I would care to help her make it. I agreed for time hung heavily on my hands.
Going up to the sewing room with her she unwrapped the bundle and spreading the cloth out for my inspection said, "There. Don't you think that will make a pretty suit?" It was a rather heavy reddish-orange velvet. Indeed I agreed with her that it would make a very handsome garment.
Then she got out the patter and started to work. I helped as best I could and for the next few days alternated between seamstress and dress dummy. In the process I acquired a considerable dexterity with needle and thread and surprisingly enjoyed it more and more as we progressed.
That day we worked until the middle of the afternoon, when I changed into a beige wool dress cut on very plain lines with a high neck and long sleeves. It was trimmed with embroidery of a contrasting color. After dinner we went for a walk. Over my dress I wore a long plain black coat, black hat, purse, and gloves. Although I was nervous, the walk was uneventful and I arrived home well pleased with myself.
By that time I had become quite accustomed to my clothes and felt at ease while wearing them. Only occasionally did the corset bother me and at times I actually found myself enjoying the feel of my skirts and the daintiness and smart appearance of my apparel
The third morning found me attired in a floral print house gown. Soon after breakfast Aunt and I were once again engrossed in our dressmaking. Later in the afternoon I changed into the dark blue skirt and frilly blouse that I had worn the first time Aunt dressed me as a woman. Our work was well started. The skirt was finished and the jacket beginning to take shape. Aunt was and extremely careful and competent seamstress so that the cut and workmanship were excellent
All that day Mother and Aunt had alternately teased and dared me to go to the theater with them that night. Finally I took the dare and for the first time I really appeared in public as a woman.
Dinner over we got on our hats and coats and walked to the car line. As the brightly lighted car stopped for us, I became so panic stricken that they had to practically carry me into the car. After we were seated I darted glances at the other passengers in the car. To my relief none seemed to be paying any attention to me.
It was the same throughout the evening. I was frightened as could be but my fears were in vain for nothing happened. I was never so relieved as when we arrived safely home.
When my nerves quieted down I began to feel elated about my experience and for the first time I realized that I was beginning to enjoy my novel position. I knew I looked well in feminine attire and the softness, daintiness, and variety of the clothes appealed to me more and more.
The next day was much like the preceding ones. I spent the day in a cotton house frock helping with the sewing. That afternoon I changed into the blue silk gown I had worn the second time I appeared in dresses.
By noon of the next day the suit was complete except for such finishing touches as buttons which Aunt had not yet purchased. That afternoon she got ready to go downtown to do this necessary shopping. Mother had other plans so Aunt asked me to go with her. Though my trip to the theater had immensely helped my confidence, I did not relish the prospect of a trip in broad daylight. After much urging however I consented and we started out.
I wore a rather plain light brown suit, its long open jacket had flaring skirts trimmed with gold braid. The skirt was perfectly plain and worn with a ruffled white silk blouse with a high neck. I also had on a brown hat with a heavy veil, brown purse and gloves, and a gold bracelet.
I was very nervous at first but by the time we were downtown and in the stores I began to relax. The saleswomen were most polite and seemed to find nothing unusual about me. One delighted me, and amused Aunt, by saying, "My Miss, but you wear your clothes nicely."
Aunt shopped with a vengeance. After getting the notions to finish the suit, she bought a lovely sheer silk blouse with a froth of lace ruffles down the front. This was followed by a dainty silk and lace chemise, bloomers, petticoat, hose, a very nice corset, a salmon colored velvet hat with matching purse and gloves, and finally a pair of reddish brown high-heeled shoes. I stayed with her the whole time. Frequently I was embarrassed when the clerks showed me, as well as Aunt, the dainty apparel. I very much enjoyed the afternoon and frequently made comments on the things she was considering.
The scope of her purchases amazed me for she already had plenty of clothes. When I inquired about it she merely said that she wanted an entirely new outfit to go with the suit.
I was tired and excited when we got home and elated at the good job I had done with my masquerading. All the nice things I had seen had opened my eyes to the possibilities a woman has in selecting clothes. This added to my already awakened interest in things feminine.
The next day the suit was done. It was lovely. The excellence of the material and workmanship combined to make a very smart garment. At lunch Mother and Aunt decided that as it was Saturday they would make an occasion out of our dinner that evening.
About five they sent me upstairs to bathe. When I came back to my room, in my blue wrapper, Aunt was laying clothes out on my bed. First she gave me a chemise which was most unusual for it had no shoulder straps. Putting it on, I found it had elastic about the top of the bodice to hold it up. Then came the corset. It was very dainty and much more wasp waisted than the ones I had been wearing. Aunt really had a struggle to get it laced tight enough but what a wonderful figure it did give me.
The corset was followed by hose, bloomers, and a petticoat that like the chemise had no shoulder straps. Aunt then helped me into the evening gown. It was of a heavy cream colored satin trimmed with bands of black lace about the skirt and bodice. It had no shoulder straps so the mystery of the chemise and petticoat were solved. The band of lace that formed the top of the bodice went around the arm as well forming and off the shoulder sleeve', rather like the gowns popular before the Civil War.
Aunt then produced a pair of black silk pumps which were most strange after the high button shoes I had worn until then. I then sat patiently while she arranged my hair, placing the knot lower on my neck than usual, and putting an artificial white flower on each side just above my ears. Finally she powered my face, neck, arms, and back - put a string of pearls around my neck, and gave me two rings and a bracelet to wear.
"There now!", she said, "You're ready for the party. Now run look at yourself."
I started downstairs to look at myself in the hall mirror when she called me back and made me put on an extremely long pair of white kid gloves. They came above my elbows and opened at the wrist in such a way that I could get my hand out and roll the glove back on my wrist without taking it off my arm. At her direction I put the bracelet over the glove. Lastly took a black lace fan she handed me and then went down while she went in to dress.
Standing before the mirror, I was amazed at my appearance. The full skirt, narrow waist, and bare shoulders combined to make me look like some lovely fragile flower. The low hairdo made my shoulders look softer and narrower while the creamy silk was a most complementary color. The added touches of fan, gloves, and flowers in my hair were most helpful. I was so delighted that I laughed to myself as I turned to view myself from every possible angle.
As I stood there Mother came down and seeing me exclaimed, "Oh Davy! You're lovely!" Kissing me soundly she continued, "Dear you have no idea how pretty you are. You make me very proud, for few mothers have such lovely daughters."
I thanked her for the complement, and then Aunt came down dressed, as was Mother, in an evening gown. We all stood there admiring our images and then with their praises ringing in my ears, we went in to dinner.
Though we had to laugh at ourselves for dressing so formally for a Hen Party, we all had an extremely pleasant evening. At every opportunity I went out into the hall to look at myself. Each time I did so I became more enamored with my appearance. When I finally got ready for bed that evening, I took off my dainty gown with genuine regret.
The next morning I was glad that my week as a woman was nearly over. I had become accustomed to and even fond of my feminine apparel but I looked forward to resuming my own clothes that afternoon.
At the breakfast table Mother and Aunt decided to have luncheon downtown and see a matinee afterwards. I pleaded to be allowed to resume my own clothes before we started. Aunt reminded me that our bargain was for a full week which wouldn't be up until late afternoon. I grouchily agreed and spent the morning in my cotton frock reading and feeling sorry for myself.
About 11:30 Mother announced that it was time to get ready, so we all went upstairs. I asked Aunt what I should wear and she replied that she would decide while I was bathing. I took off my cotton frock and underthings and putting on the blue wrapper, and went in to bath.
When I returned Aunt handed me a pale pink silk chemise trimmed with loads of hand sewn ecru lace. I recognized it as the one she had purchased the afternoon we went shopping together. It was so lovely that I felt an awful desire to wear it but felt nonetheless that I shouldn't wear her newest things. I explained this to her but she poo pood the idea and told me to go ahead and put it on. I didn't wait for a second invitation. Stepping into the dainty thing, I felt a thrill as I drew it over my body.
Next came the corset. It also was new and made of flesh colored satin trimmed with rosettes of blue ribbon. The bloomers matched the chemise and the petticoat was of heavy white silk with lace trimming and ruffles around the bottom where it would show occasionally beneath my skirts.
When I had the lingerie all on, she gave me the dainty ruffled silk blouse we had purchased and followed this with the skirt to the orange velvet suit we had made that week. At this I again protested at wearing her new things. I was hushed and soon had the skirt on and was buttoning up the new reddish brown shoes while she arranged my hair.
When this was done she powdered my face, gave me two rings and a bracelet, and fastened a silver broach into the ruffles at my throat. I then got into the jacket and Aunt placed the matching hat on my heat. Once it was pinned into place she drew the veil over my face. Lastly she gave me the matching purse and gloves.
Thrilled with these lovely new clothes I thanked her and added, "Aunt I love these clothes but I shouldn't be wearing them. What if something should happen to them?"
"But Davy! You don't understand. They're not my things, they're yours."
"Mine?", I gasped.
"Why yes, Davy. Didn't you know that I got them as a present to you?"
"Oh Aunt!" I exclaimed, strangely thrilled, "Thank you ever so much but what will I do with them? I'm through wearing dresses this afternoon."
"Oh don't worry Davy!" she replied with a most enigmatic smile, "I imagine that you will find some use for them."
I followed her downstairs where Mother was waiting. Seeing me she exclaimed at my smart appearance and looked at myself in the hall mirror, I agreed with her. The suit, a lovely color in the latest fashion, was very becoming and I looked to be a smart and attractive young woman. I was justifiably proud and doubly so when I thought that all the lovely things I wore were mine.
As we left the house I was nervous. The silken softness of my underthings, the tickling of lace, and the swish of my skirts reassured me and I soon relaxed. Also, the thought of the smartness of my attire and appearance began to reassert themselves and soon I was bursting with pride.
We lunched at the smartest place in town. As we were leaving I received the crowning touch when I heard one woman whisper to another, "My but that girl in the orange suit is pretty. I wonder who she is?"
Mother and Aunt also heard this and gave me quite a teasing when we were out of earshot. When the matinee was over we had a light supper and then went home.
Before we got there my week as a woman was over. With lots of time left that evening, I felt not the slightest desire to change. My new clothes so delighted me that I felt that I would never like to be without them.
As Aunt was leaving in the morning, we stayed up quite late. Just before we went upstairs she said to me, "Well Davy has the past week been as bad as you thought it would be?"
Of course I couldn't admit the feelings that were growing within me, so I said, "Oh a person can get used to anything Aunt."
Both of them laughed at this and Mother said, "Frances, I think he's beginning to like playing a woman's part and wearing woman's clothing."
"Oh no I don't!" I exclaimed, but gave the lie to myself by blushing at her penetrating remark.
Mother laughed again saying, "He may fool you Frances but I know him too well. He's delighted by the clothes you gave him and I don't blame him a bit for they're lovely and so becoming. I'm very pleased to have such a lovely daughter, for that's what he really is when he's dressed as a girl like now. No one would possibly say that Davy sitting over there in that lovely suit is in any way masculine. In fact I've become convinced the last few days that nature really made a mistake with Davy. One thought that he can easily rectify by dressing for his proper role in life, that of a girl."
Aunt replied in a serious tone, "I agree with you Agnes. Davy must really be a girl at heart for otherwise he couldn't appear so completely like one. I've had so much fun the past week with him. I so hope he won't get stubborn and refuse to wear his new things from time to time."
"Oh I'm sure he will.", said Mother while I maintained an embarrassed silence. Then we all went up to bed. As I undressed, I lingered between each article of clothing. When I went to bed, by choice, I wore one of Aunts gowns.
When I arose the next morning I longed to put on my new finery. Realizing that it would be a dead giveaway I put on my own clothes while regretting that our bargain hadn't been for a month instead of a week.
Indeed my clothes felt strange particularly the trousers. My skin , accustomed to silk, rebelled at their roughness. This sensation passed and I began to feel natural by the time I got to the breakfast table. Neither Mother or Aunt made any comment about my appearance.
For the first few days after Aunt's departure everything went smoothly except that every time I noticed the velvet suit or the drawer full of lingerie, I felt a tingle down my spine. It wasn't that I wished to wear them so much as it was a pride of ownership. Oddly, the fact that they were mine was pleasing out of all proportion.
On several occasions Mother urged me to wear them but I always refused. I was afraid of their ridicule.
One afternoon while Mother and Sue were out I was wandering about the house and noticed the velvet suit. No sooner had I seen it than I had an intense desire to put it on. The thought that I could do so undetected was too much to resist. So before many minutes had past, I was undressed and stepping into the chemise.
In time I was dressed, had arranged the wig which Aunt had given me with the clothes, and was downstairs admiring myself in the mirror. It was then that I realized that my pride of ownership had really been a subconscious desire to wear the clothes. A most satisfied feeling pervaded my very soul.
The rest of the afternoon was delightful. I really didn't do a thing but the mere fact that I was dressed as a woman made me happy beyond measure.
I finally changed back to my own clothes just before Mother came in. In response to her inquiries, I told her that I had spent the afternoon reading. That evening I was miserable. I missed my dresses so much that I could hardly stand it. Several times Mother asked me why I was so restless.
Finally she said, "Davy! What in the world is the matter with you? You've been getting grouchy and more nervous every day lately. You're not at all like you were last week." I replied that it was her imagination.
"No it's not. If you don't cheer up I'll insist that you dress as a woman again, for you never spoke one sharp word the entire time you were wearing Frances's things." My heart leaped as I realized this was a possible excuse to wear my feminine things, but openly I ridiculed her suggestions.
I woke early the next morning and lay in bed trying to work my courage up to the point where I could wear my feminine things. I was still to afraid of ridicule and an expose of my real thoughts. I called myself all sorts of names but it was in vain. The more I tried the more despondent I became. When Mother came in to wake me I was in a terrible mood and quite rude to her.
She became angry and said, "Now look here Davy, I'm not going to stand for your vile humor anymore. You get right up and put on the clothes Frances gave you. Perhaps that will make you behave."
Pleased by her tirade, but trying not to show it, I got up and started to dress without saying a word. My salmon skirt and ruffled blouse were hardly suitable for that time of day but that really made no difference. At least I was getting to dress as I wished.
Finally dressed I went down to breakfast. When Mother saw my face she said, "You don't hate those clothes Davy. If you did they wouldn't cheer you up the way they do."
I didn't reply but happily sat down and ate to the tune of Sue's complements. I wore the clothes all day, putting on the jacket at dinner time. All the while I was so happy that Mother remarked again and again at my improved disposition. She vowed to treat me in the same way every time I got out of sorts.
As a matter of policy, I kept cheerful the next day. This avoided trouble with Mother though I longed for my other clothes.
In the middle of the afternoon Aunt called and asked us for dinner. We accepted and Mother said, "Frances would be delighted if you would wear your new clothes." I was torn between fear and desire. Desire won and later when we left for Aunt's, I wore my salmon suit.
When Aunt saw me she fairly shrieked with pleasure throwing her arms around me and kissing me veil and all. When we were inside and I had removed my hat and gloves she took me by both hands and said, "It's so nice of you to have worn the suit Davy. I'm complemented beyond word." She was so visibly pleased that I was glad indeed that I had followed Mothers suggestion.
Just then Martha appeared and I had to stand and undergo her inspection. I swelled with pride at her complements. Then we sat down to have a pleasant dinner end evenings visit.
After that evening I felt that I could wear my feminine things more freely. Though I didn't put them on voluntarily, I did dress as a woman practically every time Mother or Aunt asked me to. As the violence of my opposition relaxed they requested with increasing frequency. Before long hardly a day went by that I didn't wear my feminine things at some time or other.
One morning as I was helping Mother about the house, wearing my frilly blouse and salmon skirt, she remarked, "Davy, we're going to have to get you some more dresses. That nice suit will be ruined if you wear it for housework." I replied that it wouldn't hurt it and then forgot all about the matter.
Several times in the next few days Mother and Aunt went downtown without asking me to accompany them. The following Saturday when we went to Aunts for dinner, I got a real surprise. When our meal was over they led me into the parlor and up to a tremendous pile of packages. "Open them Davy.", Aunt said.
I was completely mystified but at their bidding I took up a box and opened it. It contained a lovely black wide-brimmed feather trimmed hat. Still puzzled I said, "It's really nice but why should I be opening it?"
At that they both laughed and Aunt said, "Why Davy, you silly goose, those bundles are for you. Agnes and I thought you needed more things. Now go ahead and open all of them."
This was indeed exciting news and I fairly flew at the pile. Before long I had them all open and what a wonderful lot of clothes they revealed. There was a very stylish suit of black silk with a long bell-bottomed wide sleeved jacket and a white blouse trimmed with loads of lace. There was also a formal afternoon dress in grayish beige trimmed with embroidery. To wear outside was a dark brown fur trimmed coat and narrow brimmed hat. For house work as Mother had suggested was two cotton house frocks. There was also two complete changes of lingerie, not as dainty as that I had on but still very nice. With them was two lovely corsets and lots of hose. For my feet was a pair of high black shoes and also a pair of beige pumps to match my new dress as well as two purses with gloves to match. For jewelry I got a string of pearls, gold bracelet, a lovely topaz ring, and a pair of gold earrings. There were also such incidental accessories as veils, hat pins, dainty handkerchiefs, perfume, and powder
The lavishness of these gifts overwhelmed me. There was no longer any use pretending that I didn't like feminine things. I fairly bubbled over thanking Mother and Aunt and they seemed just as pleased as me. I couldn't wait to try on my new things. I took up the black and white suit and excusing myself went upstairs.
There I took off my salmon suit and slipped into the new one. After rearranging my hair I went into the full length mirror in Aunts room. What I saw delighted me for the extremely feminine suit was most becoming. After admiring myself for a few minutes, I went downstairs, paused in the hall to gain poise, then swept into the room in my grandest manner. I stopped in front of Mother and Aunt and gravely revolved as a model would do in a fashion show. They watched my pirouette and when I finished and had given them a deep curtsy, they jumped to their feet with cries of pleasure.
For the next few minutes I was the center of attention. They complemented me on my appearance and themselves on their good taste in picking such a becoming outfit. Then someone remembered the jewelry and in a few moments I had the pearls, bracelet, and ring on. The earrings required I have my ears pierced. I swore I wouldn't allow it but secretly resolved to have it done at the first opportunity.
When it came time to go home I packed up as many of the new things as I could carry. After I hat put on my wide brimmed hat and new coat we left with Mother carrying more of the new things. It took a long time for me to get to bed when we did get home, for I lovingly examined each new article before I put it away.

(author unknown) (Sent to me kindly by Barbara)

The End
© 1996 Clair Aspen